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Whilst our main NZ Company “registration page” (at the New Zealand Companies office, of the NZ Government) is:




WSTLNZ (really) is .. the initials of our NZ Company.

“Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited New Zealand” (WSTLNZ).

Continuously “t/a” QUIX since 28 Oct 1999;

We also “t/a” WSTLNZ – since 14 June 2012.


Confirmation & Verification of this is directly available..

From deep inside the New Zealand Government’s OWN NZ Business website:


Accessed either via our own Domain Name of:


Or …

Accessed via the New Zealand Government themselves via

The New Zealand Government (Companies Office)

And then directly searched therein by entering:

” Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited “

Into their on-line register search parameters (thereon).


This QUIX.wikispaces website is also “acting” as a (QUIX) QUICK-FIX type of:

QUIX “centralised redirection portal” ..

To help redirect you – onto any/&/or “all” of our multiple QUIX & WSTLNZ (website) choices across the internet.


We kindly ask you to wait a while longer, until “full construction” is completed & tested.

Thank you ..




You are now free to peruse the rest of this site .!


Because QUIXNZ is still doing “real fine”.. as QUIX4U

(at least we do .. on youtube, facebook & elsewhere)


Within (or “without” of) … New Zealand.


QUIX – NZ is the 1999 “trading name” of – Hinge Services Central Limited (NZ)

Later name_changed into: Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited New Zealand.

We are “still” currently based in Roxburgh, Central Otago, (South Island) New Zealand

And thus – continue to dabble in everything – but mainly in Audiophonics ..

Mostly via our QUIX4U mega multiple (analogue) surround sound systems.


Or.. (is that) ?

Ever since discovering multiple channel “analogue” surround sound in 1965

The owner of QUIX-NZ has always simply “dabbled” – in all things audio

Via his “Personal” interest — in anything tangible & most things not

Especially when it revolves around R&D of anything pivotal — including.?


Re: The owner’s own 1998 NZ Patent 330552 ;

Plus his 1999 Aust. Pat. 754678 & his 1999 SWISS WIPO PCT/NZ99/00066



Anything was also “up for grabs” (invention wise) — after that patent became live.!


Especially since we’d also been hand making the QUIX “Analogue Deplexer Decoder Invention”

Since he invented that also — back in 1965


For a more definitive (visually audible) description of these audio things – visit:


Via a new domain URL of ours..

One very hard to forget.. (as when viewing our video’s – you too will be?)



Look at the pictorial (graphic) representation of:

25 ch “analogue” surround sound on our (original cloud) Skydrive Blogsite

For our (original) QUIX©™ TRIPELLO©™ “25 audio channel” (fully colour coded) schematic picture

- & ..?

If the LONG_LINK (“above”) doesn’t work 4U

Go directly into ? (THE CLOUD)



Goto the “short link” (via tiny.cc .. as shown here – below):

Yes– it’s our very own.. original (tiny cc) URL:



A video of which (25ch Analogueb “surround sound”) also NOW exists on youtube.

See.. (or should we just say .. watch here) ?

25ch (Analogue) Surround Sound

As ..

To start you gaining an in-depth understanding – in all things relating to:

QUIX-3D “audio”

One must first begin to learn the very basics of 3-D analogue “surround-sound” (when heard naturally)


Before one then goes to find us – “everywhere else” – via Google

(or Bing? – and whatever “other” search engine you choose).


Thus your moto should become:

“Learn a little, read a lot, listen to everything.!”

& Become ONE (with the music).

As every single thing – as a whole.!

Occurs “naturally” in THREES.


OR …. ?

Try to Karaoke “some” of the three dimensional sound of ?

QUIX4U’s Audio Remasterings (being a sample – of that which we’ve made)

Such as:


(Yep – that ?)

Which really “will” – make U lose Ur mind .. and go ? K_RAY_Z.

As you try to Karaoke an “11 Minute” track – without success.

[ & the long link - if that doesn't work ? ]



Thus the 1965 invention .. being the:

QUIX©™ (NZ) TRIPELLO©™ 3-D “Spherical Harmonics”©™ (multiple channel) Analogue_Audio Deplexer_Decoder©™.

This seemingly complicated invention.?

Allows anyone to extract multiple “channels” of ANALOGUE surround sound audio ..

From virtually ANY 2ch stereo recording (in existance)..

And will even ‘work” when hard wired into (& thus powered directly from) a LIVE STAGE amplifier’s 2ch stereo speaker outputs.

Or when connected to such as an (old) FM Stereo Radio’s TWO (stereo) speaker terminals.


How.. ?


Easy ..

Simply PLAY your source – with it’s stereo content (via &) through the unit’s own amplifier:

And simply feed the normal two speaker outputs..


Our.. ?

QUIX-3D©™ “TRIPELLO”©™ Deplexer_Decoder.

Add the ‘additional’ (required) number of auxillary speakers (for your chosen “surround” configuration)

And sit back, or walk around.. (NO SWEET SPOT SEE) – whilst listening to your music in a completely natural way.

Just as you would have done.. had you also ‘been on stage” with the musicians.. (the day they recorded).


Where can YOU purchase one.


Well – at the moment .. ONLY by contact with & thus direct from QUIX-NZ (naturally)

www.QUIX4U.com (&/or) www.quix-nz.com.


But soon.?

All things AUDIO .. will then be made available..


QuimperElectronic.com (via our American “based” R&D, Manufacturing & Production Company).


Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited New Zealand

(registered in 1999 as per the NZ Companies office website, via our own URL www.WSTLNZ.co.nz )

Is thus advertising these details HERE (at QUIX.Wikispaces.com) via our own Global Domain URL of:


As specific audio-related (amplifier) information is currently being advised via our associated North American Company website of:

Quimper Electronic Systems LLC, WA, USA

Via www.WSTLNZ.com

Where.. naturally –

Everything will be (newly) amplified for you .!.


Whilst our (original) “newly named” NZ Company -(currently also STILL under construction since 1999) …


Should we then become a significant manufacturer or “on-seller” of those superior quality HI FI “Amplifiers”

(based either in Canterbury, NZ .. or in Otago, New Zealand .. thus somewhere fairly close to: “The Waitaki Valley”)


WSTLNZ will thus (hopefully soon) also be able to build most other components of our:

1965 invention named simply as ?

QUIX©™ “TRIPELLO”©™ SOUNDBALL©™ SSSS©™ (Stereo Surround Sound Systems)

Or .. to be precise..?

We could call it our.?

SSSSSS©™ “Six Speaker Stereo Surround Sound System”

However .. six “speakers” (= 6ch) isn’t the only option .. as we can do a passive NINE channel system – or a TEN.?

Plus.. with a few (million) EXTRA auxillary amps..!!!

All 64.77 MILLION analogue (“Deplexer-_Decoded”©™) audio channels are thus possible.!

Therefore.. hopefully — all of “this” .. will eventually include such items as:

Speakers, Cabinets, 19″ Rack Mounts, Portable 19″ Rack Stands & Inter-connects.

Along with other sorts of relevant audio paraphenalia (ie: cable connectors, stomp-boxes etc).


But that for now, this is just a pre-view, of where we’d like to take you – in our own audio journey ? Into the future.

Depending upon how we finally decide operate our two (main) NZ Businesses

As well as our “main” American Company – which is Quimper Electronic Systems LLC.

Then – be that either as semi independent firms of..



Quimper Electronic Systems LLC


Or just as one (very large) conglomerate under:


Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited NZ (or: Quimper Electronic Systems LLC, WA, USA)



We will possibly also include the making of several variations (from 6 ch up to 25 ch) of the:


QUIX©™ (NZ) TRIPELLO©™ 3-D “Spherical Harmonics”©™ (Audio) Deplexer_Decoder©™



Via the incorporation of this (original 1965 invented) unit into various amplifier equipment:


Derived from utilising the best circuits of the:

1965 original 6-7 ch QUIX-3D©™ TRIPELLO©™ Deplexer_Decoder©™

(previously sold & installed ONLY in NZ – in a finite number of “custom built” installations)


Along with the continuation of all things Electrical & Mechanical

(being both Audio & Electrical Engineering – plus some General Mechanical Engineering too).



Watch this space.!



Take a stroll on the wild side of Ambiosonic (type) information on Super Stereo

And do some research on?



The world ONLY ever gets to know about certain “dolby” people (predominantly in the Northern Hemisphere)..

Whom “actually” stuck up their hands.. with enough money to (prior) PATENT their ideas beforehand


That MAY be true .. if ? ie: If he discovered his invention .. BEFORE 1965.

As that YEAR (1965) is when I discovered HOW to Deplexer_Decode©™ all (analogue) Audio 2ch stereo recordings.


Therefore the Wikipedia “record” of whom invented what .. is NOT strictly correct.



Because — I did NOT have the money, nor the desire..

TO STICK MY HAND UP & “claim” myself as the actual inventor.. of “analogue” multiple channel surround sound systems


However.. THAT small detail .. DID NOT STOP ME FROM INVENTING THEM.!

Nor did it stop me from 1965 onwards..

In testing, researching AND DEVELOPING (bigger & bigger ANALOGUE audio systems)


Upwards of 25 (TWENTY.FIVE) actually different “surround” analogue speaker channels..

Arranged as I had done – in a SPHERICAL PATTERN .. around my small testing room

Here in Roxburgh, NZ.


Go to “QUIX4U” (on Youtube.com): www.L84DNR.co.nz (or) www.youtube.com/user/QUIX4U/videos

To see & hear some weirdly wonderful remasterings..

Or just to HEAR AND SEE those audio visual videos — (in lights too they are)

Especially for both:

? The (small) 10 ch video – entitled as ?

10ch Visual_Audio (Educational_Video)

& The (larger) 25 ch video – entitled as ?

Dreamscape 009 (25.7ch+64speakers) 01072011.mp4 Oops U caught me PLAYING again 8p5+10ch with 2SUBS



But.. research this a little more (&):

Do the Wikipedia thing by going to “look” at other (possibly incorrect) info via:



Plus discover if anyone has “put” any useful information (yet) on:




Just to twist your mind .. beyond repair

Watch some (other) videos over on our “second” youtube channel of:



We can be found (discovered more the case in point) by doing an International “Search” on:











Being just a few of our Trading MARK (Brands)

Thus .. it’s easy to find QUIX4U – (on many web places such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress etc).

Or just hit us up direct by going to: www.QUIX4U.com & / or via our www.QUIX-NZ.com


Watch http://www.QUIX.co.nz ((( QUIX4U ))) On Youtube.




Facebook us:




& ?

Twitter .?

About 11 accounts over there from memory.?

Such as “eFlowers4U”

Oh ..

These are our “gift away” (FREE)

Electronic Flowers — which we deliberately made — especially free

(& thus are free .. 4U .. to use forever).

ie: www.eFlowers4U.co.nz



Let’s just think .. & then .. Google..

Search.. for such terms as:


Oh .. !!!

ANY of our (t/a) Brands, or even any of our “product & trading names” .. such as?






Etcetera, etcetera … etc.. ?

Which should arrive somewhere on ANY (one) of our 250+ blog/web-sites.


With regards to any COPYING of content from this website:

Please visit “our” QUIX©™(1999) Custom Licence page:



You may now return to our Wiki.Spaces homepage:


Plus you can now get BACK into our original 2002 homepage (on WordPress.com).


Our original 2002 registered “QUIX.co.nz” URL (wordpress webpage) is now also available via our newer URL of “QUIX.KIWI”.


QUIX.co.nz©™(2002) on WordPress.com


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