Contact Us (Methods)

We can be contacted by many & various methods..

We shall include most of them here.. when time permits..


Contact Us (Methods)

In the meantime ..

Check the information given in this website’s (detailed) Terms & Conditions page

Or those given directly on the Homepage


Welcome to our QUIX (NZ) Wiki!

Please READ & familiarise “yourself” with “our” Terms & Conditions (before continuing)

These can be found “here” on wordpress via:

Our original wikispaces site is currently unsubscibed (as the wordpress site suffices for now), however our original site can still be accessed to verify that it was there, (however it can not currently be read), via:

After READING said T&C’s on our wordpress page, – simply return to this website’s “Home Page” via:

Do not thus go to the currently suspended wikispaces page:
QUIX (NZ) Wiki … Wikispaces Homepage via:
Which used to be directly accessed by our initials of:
(as our wikispaces is currently unsubscribed, the static URL is, once again, simply accessed as normal, thus goes as an ordinary URL = directly into our homepage at ‘wordpress’)

A different set of T&;C’s relate to the Audio Amplifiers now on sale in (and near to) Washington State, USA via:
QES™ Quimper Electronic Systems LLC, Port Townsend, WA. USA

Direct access is obtainable via our own WSTLNZ Domain of: (as this auto/re-directs directly into the website for QES = “Quimper Electronic Systems”, WA, USA)

Please note:


Please read them as they are site-specific to “Quimper Electronic Systems” LLC, WA, USA

We also have several new LANDING PAGES for our (other) WSTLNZ web domains of: (QUIX T&C’s page)

Whilst our main NZ Company “registration page” (at the New Zealand Companies office, of the NZ Government) is:



WSTLNZ (really) is .. the initials of our NZ Company.

“Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited New Zealand” (WSTLNZ).

Continuously “t/a” QUIX since 28 Oct 1999;
Something instantly verifiable, by reading the length of time (date stamped) we have been a member of an Auckland (NZ) Charitable Trust’s website:
Said charitable trust’s website is:
The Big Idea.
You don’t need to try and “find” our membership page by struggling through their revamped (but not very easily searched) website as our old “” [link] which still works fine.!

Thus this gives you direct access by specifically utilising the TM variant of our “QUIX” generic URL.

We also now “t/a” WSTLNZ – since 14 June 2012.


With regards to any COPYING of content from any of our websites:

Please visit “our” QUIX©™ Custom Licence (pages):
Wordpress =
Wikispaces =


1 Response to Contact Us (Methods)

  1. Debra J says:

    Sorry my message to you on FB was insulting to you. I didn’t mean to appear dictatorial and so heavy handed as you took it.. And I didn’t realize you found Kate and Jason on Youtube etc. Kate asked me about you and why she was getting a lot of messages from you somehow. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about and I panicked because of our business relationship with Jason. I told them you are well meaning and a wonderful fella and have more time to communicate than most of us. My sincere apologies for stepping over a line in my comment. I didn’t mean for it to sound like it did. It wasn’t my intentions. George is still squeemish about being on FB, but with the business, I said we needed to. Emails and chats can be difficult in this way because they are not always taken in the spirit in which they were meant as there is no personal touch or voice inflections and eye contact etc to really communicate what is meant. Again, sorry for offending you as I obviously did. We appreciate you and your efforts. You’re amazing in all that you do. You’re connected to the online world in a way we could never imagine being. Anyway, I hope you will accept my apology. 😦 And sorry to post this here, but I didn’t know how else to respond as the we’re not connected any more on FB. Debra

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