Terms & Conditions

Copyright © 2012 WSTLNZ©™(2012) & QUIX©™(1999) & QUIX©(1965)

The follow are the Terms & Conditions – of:

WSTLNZ©™(2012) & QUIX©™(1999)

(on this our “future” on-line shopping & technical service advisory website):

Please READ and familiarise “yourself” with these T&C’s

As well as our COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOTICE (on our copyright licence page)

WSTLNZ©™(2012) & QUIX©™(1999) Copyright Licence

Before returning to “our” HOME PAGE (link shown below)

via: Home

Or via: www.WSTLNZ.co
(our original 2002 “QUIX.co.nz” page was on “Quix Wikispaces” – hosting now expired)

We thus sometimes have product on offer via auctions hosted by/on TradeMe (NZ)
Thus in regards to any of our On-Line auctions, by pressing “Submit” at the point of (any) auction purchased, “you” also agree to the above & to the following T&C’s:

The auction terms & conditions (together with any of the documents referred to in these terms & conditions), shall apply to any orders by “you” for “our” products (when they are placed on a trademe auction), in regards to the following two TradeMe Auction websites.


( http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Profile.aspx?member=3625708 )
p.s.. No Quick Code available (sorry)

Please read these Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) as well as our site specific Trademe T&C’s before placing an auction/order on Trade Me;

These T&C’s apply to this “QUIX.co.nz” website (on WordPress).

“You” should thus print a copy of these terms here – for “your” future reference.

If “you” do not agree with any of these terms (as written herein):

Then please do not use this website
And do not order “our” products through this website, or via our auctions on Trade Me.

We may change “our” terms at any time, with or without such notice published herein.


Please do not assume that the same terms will apply to “your” future orders.

“You” should always re-read “our” terms & conditions each tme “you” visit this website & before placing any order.

In this page, “we” may call the “terms & conditions” as the “T&C’s”

And shall also refer to “The Audio Demo Room” as “we” “us” and “our”.

In this contract, we call QUIX™, WSTLNZ™, & / or “The 3D Audio Demo Room™”:

As “us”, “we”, and “our”.

In this contract, we shall call YOU (the consumer) as “you”, and “yours”.

Your status:

By placing an order through our site, you agree that:

(a) You can legally enter into binding contracts; accordng to NZ Law, &

(b) If paying by credit or debit card; that the products will be dispatched to your credit or debit card address, &

(c) If Paying by Internet Direct Banking:

That the products will only be dispatched to your NOMINATED delivery address;

Upon your delivery address being received by email – sent from “you” to “us”.

About us:

We are “Firstly”:

Hinge Services Central Limited New Zealand


QUIX™ (1965),

QUIXNZ™ (1965),

QUIX-3D™ (1965),

TRIPELLO™ (1965),

TRIPELLO-3D™ (1965),

QUIX4U™ (1985),

“& / or”:

QUIX-NZ™ (1999),

We are “Secondly”:

Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited New Zealand


WSTLNZ™ (2012)

Verifyable through & within .. the “Official NZ Companies Office Registration Details Page”

Accessed directly via our own NZ portal domain-name of: http://www.WSTLNZ.co.nz/

Or (go) direct through the NZ Government’s own website … for NZ (registered) Companies

via: http://www.business.govt.nz/company-search and then simply use the search term of our own:

New Zealand (Registered) Company Name of:

“Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited”


Re: Contacting “us”:

“We” can be contacted via any of these following means:

1/- by emailto:online.sales@[remove_antispam]WSTLNZ.co

2/- by NZ Landline Telephone on (0800) 784948 (which is our 1998 word number of: 0800 QUIX-4U)

Currently “our” WSTLNZ™ “name/number” of (0800) 4 978569 ..

This has now been activated for “our” use with our TRADEMARK wordname descriptor of:
WSTLNZ (Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited New Zealand)
0800-FOR-WSTLNZ = 0800-4-978569

Thus it terminates NOW – directly into our existing QUIX a/hr’s landline service number & our QUIX voicemail auto-answering systems (hosted within Telecom NZ).

3/- Or we can be contacted by all DDI & NZ Cellphone/TXT contact methods to:

QUIX™ on (0275) 84928 (includes International Texting & voicecalls)
& via “voicemail only” into our old (0274) 301650 number

& to:

WSTLNZ™ on (0275) 9785-01 … through to … (0275) 9785-06 (inclusive) .
However these 6 are unmonitored – thus are ONLY 24/7 “voicemail” autoanswer numbers.

Also by:

4/- Via the “Contact-Us Page” (yet to be formatted here) which shall contain other additional ways of “contacting us” as well as these (maybe).


5/- Direct via Wikispaces or WordPress to: [[user:QUIX4U]] …


Our American (counterpart) Company of Quimper Electronic Systems LLC, WA, USA..


Via .. their own website – which is based in the USA

It is accessed directly via: http://QuimperElectronic.com/

Or indirectly via one of our own WSTLNZ (pre-existing) portal web domains..of: http://WSTLNZ.com/


A contract for the sale of (ANY) “our” products … to & by “you” is to be formed:

Either by these TERMS & Conditions (listed herein).. currently in force in New Zealand
(if the order is based inside NZ)


According to whichever Terms & Conditions are imposed (or those to be imposed) under the relevant USA Legislature –

(if the order is generated inside the USA via: Quimper Electronic Systems LLC)

These are now “as advised” (on-line) via the website of:


Later .. when we also ‘go live’ (with sales website/s of our own)

Any QUIXNZ & WSTLNZ products:
If “purchased” via any of our NZ based websites..

(excluding that of any order through http://www.WSTLNZ.com/ – which ports directly into the USA website)

Which means for all sales (& uses) for clients based within New Zealand.

These Terms & Conditions (as written below) will apply to you.


For all “New Zealand” based orders:
Currently hosted via Trade Me auctions:


Here now are those TERMS & CONDITIONS:

After placing an order, which shall include the supply to “us” of “your” delivery address

& “your” contact telephone number &/or “your” email address;

“You” will then receive contact (preferrrably an email) from “us” (or from Trade Me itself):

Acknowledging that “we” have received “your” order.

Please note that this does not mean that “your” order has been accepted
(unless you have WON via an auction).

“Your” order constitutes an offer made by “you” to “us”, to buy the relevant products (if any) on offer by “us”.

All orders are subject to acceptance by “us”, after & thus upon full payment of advertised price (including delivery costs if included in sale offer)

And “we” shall confirm such acceptance to “you” by sending “you” an email that confirms:

That the products have been dispatched (called the: Dispatch Confirmation).


The contract between “us” & “you” (called the: Sale Contract) will only be formed:

When “we” send “you” the Dispatch Confirmation.

The Contract will relate only to those products whose dispatch “we” have confirmed in the Dispatch Confirmation.


1/- “We” will not be obliged to supply any other products,

which may have been part of “your” initial (or later applied for) order,

until “we” confirm the payment for such items has been received

& the dispatch of such products (sent via a separate Dispatch Confirmation).

2/- If “your” order is conditional on all items being supplied at the same time & via the same dispatch,

please specify this in the “additional comments” box at the point of purchase.

Such “combined” products order will only be dispatched to “you”, upon availability by “us”,

to supply all such “combined” products thus ordered.

Orders for Goods:

When “you” order products from on this website,

1/- “You” confirm that “you” are purchasing the products in “your” basket, and

2/- that “you” will pay for these products in full (before their dispatch).

If “you” have selected an offline order which “you” confirm (by any method previously agreed to between “us”)

and that it is “your” intention to purchase these products and that “you” will dispatch payment without delay.

“We”, once “your” order has entered “our” automated ONLINE queue to be dispatched,

shall dispatch said items forthwith and thus:

Any such order made offline CANNOT BE CANCELLED once made.

“We” call this our ‘Dispatch Packing Queue’:

And “we” will email “you” to notify “you” of such dispatch when “your” order reaches this stage.

Please be aware that if “you” have not notified “us” that “you” wish to cancel “your” order

(before “we” send “you” this email):

Then the delivery of “your” order can not be stopped and “you” will then need to return the goods to “us”

(using “your” right to cancel – as set out below).

Product descriptions:

Product descriptions on this site can change at any time, for example when a product is updated by the manufacturer.

Changes will not affect products for which “you” have already received a Dispatch Confirmation.


Before placing an order, please check that the description meets “your” needs.

Delivery of products:

“We” shall send the products to the address “you” state when placing the order.

‘We” will attempt to deliver the products by the delivery date set out in the Dispatch Confirmation

Or, if no delivery date is specified, then within 30 days of the date of the Dispatch Confirmation,

(unless there are exceptional circumstances beyond “our” control).

Once the products have been delivered, they are “your” responsibility and shall be delivered at “your” risk.

If the products are lost or damaged in transit, please let “us” know as soon as possible.

“Your” right to cancel (domestic consumers only):


Any product purchased for the use in “any” commercial operation or Business activity IS NON RETURNABLE

(unless agreed to by “us” – & ONLY in accordance with prior correspondence between “us”).

If “you” are contracting as a domestic consumer (that is, not buying products for a business or organisation),:

Then the following right applies to “you”.

If “you” are contracting as a consumer, you may cancel a Contract (for any reasonable reason at all);

At any time within 7 working days, beginning on the day after “you” received the products.

In this case, “you” will receive a full refund of the price paid for the products in accordance with “our” refunds policy

(as set out below).

To cancel any Contract, “you” must inform “us” in writing by email via emailto:cancellations@[remove_antispam]WSTLNZ.co.nz

Stating both “your” order number and the fact that “you” wish to return “your'” order,

Whereupon “we” will provide “you” with further instructions.

“You” must return the products to “us” immediately, at “your” own cost and risk,

(along with all relevant documentation and accessories sent to “you” with “your” original order)

“You” will not have any right to cancel a Contract for the supply of products that have been:

Specifically customised for “you”;

ie: Such as pre-cut or terminated speaker cables, customised amplifiers, and / or any other “specially made” product.

For reasons of hygiene “you” will not have any right to cancel any Contract (or partial Contract) for:

Headphones or Earphones / Ear.bud speakers; once “you” have opened the packaging and/or worn the headphones.

Details of this right, and an explanation of how to exercise it, are provided in the Dispatch Confirmation.

This provision does not affect “your” statutory rights under the “NZ Consumer Guarantees Act” or the “NZ Fair Trading Act”.

Provided that the goods & or services are NOT bought in the course of business – for commercial use.

Return policy:

1/- Before returning products to “us”, “you” must keep them in “your” possession

and must take reasonable care of them.

2/- When “you” return products to “us”, for instance because “you” are a domestic consumer,

and have cancelled the Contract between “us” within 7 (business) working days of “your” receipt of the products,

or because “you” claim that the products are defective:

3/- “We” will examine the returned products for verification of “your” right of cancellation

and will notify “you” of whether “you” are entitled to a refund.


4/- “We” will replace a defective item, rather than supply “you” with a full refund,

(if that is deemed to be a more suitable option).

5/- “We” will notify “you” by email and within a reasonable period of time.

6/- “We” will usually refund any money received from “you”

using the same method originally used by “you” to pay for “your” purchase.

7/- “We” will process the refund due to “you” as soon as possible.

In any case, “we” will attempt to process the refund or replacement within 31 calender days

of the day “we” received “your” cancellation notification.

or from the day “we” confirmed to “you” via email that “you” were entitled to a valid refund

for delivery of the defective products.

8/- Products returned by “you” because of a defect from new, will be refunded in full, or replaced

(if that is your preferred option, including a refund of the delivery charges for sending the replacement item

back to “you” and for the cost incurred by “you” in returning the item back to “us”).

9/- If “you” are a domestic consumer and have used the correct right to cancel (as set out above) &

If “you” cancel the Contract between “us” within 7 working days of receiving the products,

“we” will refund “you” in full, including the standard cost of sending the item to “you” in the first instance.

10/- The consumer will not be entitled to a refund on any express delivery service or any weekend delivery service,

specified at the time, of the point of purchase.

However, “you” will be responsible for the cost of returning the item to “us”.

Defective products:

All defective products are subject to testing prior to repair or exchange.

If no fault is present then “we” reserve the right to charge a testing fee and to charge for return carriage.


Any product which is found be deliberately damaged, or misused in any way, by whatever method “you” use:

WILL NOT BE REFUNDED OR RETURNED and no furthur correspondence will be generated.


“We’ reserve the right to change prices of products without notice,

but such changes will not affect orders for which “we” have issued a Dispatch Confirmation.

In the unlikely event that “we” have made a pricing mistake,

“we” will advise “you” of this, and refund “your” purchase price (if paid).

“You” will not receive an email confirming acceptance of “your” order, and there will be no contract between “us”.

The price/s (if stated on the website) includes NZ GST at 15%

But does not include the cost of any delivery, which is quoted for separately – usually during the order process.

Special offers:

All “special offers” are limited in supply and “we” reserve the right to withdraw these at any time.

“We” cannot be held responsible if a “special offer product” is not available for supply after an order has been placed.

Condition of Products:

All products are brand new and delivered as supplied by the manufacturer

(unless stated otherwise).


1/- In the case of any included DVD players, when listed specifically as “Multi-Region” or a NON NZ region,

this can entail a player modification (to be made by “us”) which requires the outer carton to be opened,

the software to be updated and the player to be tested prior to final dispatch to “you”.

Use of the website:

“We” grant “you” a limited right to use the website.

The right is non-exclusive, revocable, and subject to the restrictions in these terms.

“We” or “our” licensors own all Trademark’s, IP & or copyrights in the website

And thus “you” shall acquire no such rights.

Except as part of the ordinary use of the website,

“you” may not copy, reproduce, modify, download or use in any form the contents of the website

without first obtaining “our” (PRIOR) written permission.

Privacy policy:

“Our” privacy policy applies to “your” use of this website and to any purchases made by “you” via this site.

“Our” liability to “you”:

1/- “We” will only be liable to “you” for losses (directly or indirectly) caused by a breach of “our” obligations,

where these losses were reasonably foreseeable by both “you” and “us”

at the time that the contract for the sale of the products came into effect.

2/- “Our” maximum liability to “you” will be the value of the relevant products (including the cost of delivery).

3/- “We” will not be liable to “you” for losses that were not caused by any breach of “our” obligations.

4/- If “you” did not enter into the Contract with “us” as a domestic consumer,

but as a commercial user or reseller,

“we” will not be liable to “you” for “your” business losses

unless such losses arose as a direct result of “us” breaching the contract.

5/- “We'” will not be liable for any delay or failure to comply with “our” obligations under these T&C’s

if the delay or failure is caused by anything beyond “our” reasonable control.

The above does not affect “your” statutory rights:

As legislated under the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act, or under the NZ Fair Trading Act.

Effects of legislation:

None of the above affects “your” statutory rights according to NZ Law.

Where the above T&C’s shall create conflicts with any overriding legislation:

The overriding legislation shall be applied.

If one aspect of this contract is found to be non-enforceable, that shall not affect any other aspect of this contract.


Persons who are not a party to these terms shall not have any rights under them.

“We” will comply with all applicable legislation and regulations according to NZ Business Law.

These terms & condition (T&C’s) are governed by New Zealand Law


As such are only enforcible in NZ Courts.

All legal action taken shall only therefore be undertaken, under the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Court system.

Our “active” websites are:


(the original 2002 registered “general usage” Master Domain at wordpress.com – which is not yet correctly re-provisioned to this WIKI “spaces” site).









(the 2012 registered “general usage” Master Domain – also not yet provisioned for “ONLY” one site)


www.WSTLNZtm.co.nz (via our T&C’s page here in .. QUIX .. on wikispaces)

Our original 2002/2006 QUIX website still exists over on wordpress.com as a sub-directory (this is named as “QUIXdotCOdotNZ” on wordpress)



Copyright © 2012 by: WSTLNZ©™ (2012) & QUIX©™ & QUIXNZ©™ (1965).

All other rights reserved.

Thank you.

You may now return to Trade Me (NZ)



Or continue here by going to “our” (main) HOME PAGE via this “active” [LINK] as shown below:


Whereas our original T&C webpage was hosted on Wikispaces.com
(sadly that website hosting will soon expire)
However .. (in the interim) it MAY still exist at:



If you prefer to NOT go there..

For sure.. then go start your own (educational) Wikispaces webpage via



With regards to any COPYING of content from this website:

Please visit “our” QUIX©™(1999) Custom Licence page:


(or the original on Wikispaces)


You may now return to our current WordPress homepage:


Plus you can also access our other QUIXNZ web pages on wordpress


Our original 2002 registered “QUIX.co.nz” URL (wordpress webpage) is now also available via our newer URL of “QUIX.KIWI”.


QUIX.co.nz©™(2002) on WordPress.com


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